On November 18th, 2016, the CHRYSO Group acquired MODERNE MΙTHODE and BΙTON ACADEMY, thus enhancing its offer for decorative concrete. With this double acquisition, the CHRYSO Group will intensify its technical and sales forces in France, and will implement the offer to its international subsidiaries.

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Our prize and certifications



• Off white color vertical mortar
• Can be deep-colored.


• Solid massive decor settings, reconstitution of landscape and varied 3D shapes.
• Straightening and thickening of existing walls (up to 15cm gain over several layers).
• Ornamental faux fittings & furnishings (stone-cladding, lintels, carvings, decors…).
• Renovation of and repairs to real stone structures (medium grain stone).


• Exterior walls : Breeze blocks, concrete panels, traditional cement coatings, brick or rock walls, wood panels….
• Interior walls : Concrete, traditional cement coatings, terracotta tiles, plaster panels.


• Vertic’Art mix : approx. 17 kg/ m² / cm thickness.

Vertic’Art Mix characteristics

• Color : stone tint.
• Density:1,3 -1,6 T/m3.
• Grain size: 0,8 mm.
• Binder (CPA cement, natural hydraulic chalk, calcic chalk).
• Filler, sand and quartz aggregates.
• Fluidifier and setting regulator.
• Mass humidity-sealant, UV-stable mineral pigments.
• Netting (Nergalto® type or fibreglass netting - 10 x 10 mm spacing)

Average national cost, excluding taxes (€)

• Supplies & applications : as from 80 / m².

Vertic’Art products

Vertic’Art Mix
Liquid release

• Vertic’Art Mix : 25 kg pocket.
• Vertic’Grip : 3 kg bucket with dosage cup.
• Fibres polypropylène : 600 g packet.
• Démoulant liquide : 5 L can.
• Vertic’Art Color : 1 L can.

Vertic’Art Color colour card

Natural Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Shade

Effects & textures

Stamped and colored
Rock work
Stamped planking &
stone-sculptured door
Stamped Dry stack
Combination of several moulds

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