On November 18th, 2016, the CHRYSO Group acquired MODERNE MÉTHODE and BÉTON ACADEMY, thus enhancing its offer for decorative concrete. With this double acquisition, the CHRYSO Group will intensify its technical and sales forces in France, and will implement the offer to its international subsidiaries.

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Polyaspartic resin


• Polyaspartic bi-component resin flooring mixed with either flakes, quartz or Dyes.


• Industrial building, warehouse, garage, parking, detail stores…


• Old or new concrete slabs.


• Refer to diagrams below.

Spartacote characteristics

• Highly resistant heavy-duty flooring, ideal for high-traffic environments.
• Fast application – can be done over 1 day, with an operational waiting time of only 24h for heavy traffic.

Spartacote products

• Spartacolor : 1 bucket of each – resin, hardener, colorant. Can be used as a colored undercoat.
• MM Spartaclear : 1 bucket of each – resin, hardener. Can be used either as a transparent undercoat to fix flakes or quartz ; or as a topcoat varnish.

Flakes color card

Salt & Pepper

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