On November 18th, 2016, the CHRYSO Group acquired MODERNE MΙTHODE and BΙTON ACADEMY, thus enhancing its offer for decorative concrete. With this double acquisition, the CHRYSO Group will intensify its technical and sales forces in France, and will implement the offer to its international subsidiaries.

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Stamped Concrete


• The stamped concrete process is composed of hardener, release
agent and varnish. It realistically and incredibly reproduces the
appearance of many natural materials on fresh concrete using a
mould-printing technique.


• Pool deck, stairs.
• Garden alleys and terraces…
• Cityscape: pavement, waterfront, tramway, parks, playgrounds, round-about…
• Theme parks.


• New: Concrete slabs – Adhesive inserted or integrated screed or floating mortar screed.
• Old substrate: old concrete, old tiling, old paint.


• Color Hardener : 2,5 à 5 kg/m².
• Release agent powder : 150g / m².
• BETON NET : dust absorber for cleaning.
• HEBAU COLORFRESH varnish (water-based acrylic) : 0,25 L/m² or CLEAR SEAL varnish (solvent-based acrylic) : 25 L can, consumption 0,25 L/m².

Average national cost, excluding taxes (€)

• Supplies & application : 80-120/m² (inclusive of supply of concrete).

Release agent color card

Stamped concrete products

Color Hardener
Release agent
Béton net
Clear Seal

• Dryshake color hardener : powder, 25 kg bucket.
• Release Agent : hydrophobic powder, 13,6 kg bucket.
• Béton-net : cleaning agent prior to sealing surface, 1 L can.
• HEBAU COLORFRESH : water-based varnish, 10 L can.
• (or) CLEAR SEAL : solvent-based varnish, 25 L can.

Color hardeners color card

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