On November 18th, 2016, the CHRYSO Group acquired MODERNE MÉTHODE and BÉTON ACADEMY, thus enhancing its offer for decorative concrete. With this double acquisition, the CHRYSO Group will intensify its technical and sales forces in France, and will implement the offer to its international subsidiaries.

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GRASSCRETE is a alveolar system enabling structuring of draining surface, trafficable for vehicles up to 40 tons. The process involves pouring concrete on site around GRASSCRETE alveolar sheets, then fill the earth cavities or porous aggregates with final installation of a cover.


Béton Ciré (Micro Topping)

Béton ciré (Micro topping) make ordinary concrete beautiful .

Available in a wide choice of colors and appearances, Béton ciré (Micro Topping) is ideally suited to indoor applications.


Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is the process which reproduces the natural appearance of multiple natural materials with incredible realism..

Stamped Concrete is available in a wide range of patterns, such as granite, slate, stone, brick, wood, etc .. Thanks to its wide range of colors, it is difficult to differentiate the Stamped Concrete stone or other natural materials.


Stamped Overlay

Stampable Overlay is stamped screed (thickness 6 mm to 10 mm), based on cement, applied on concrete or other support (tiles, patching ...)

These applications are recommended for outdoor or urban development as well as indoor.


Texture Top

Top Texture is a cementitious overlay coating that can be sprayed with a gun plastering smoothed or brushed.

Texture Top is ideal for pool decks, patios, paths, and many other works by its thickness not exceeding 2 mm.



Aggreg'Art® is disabled chape of 2 to 5 cm  thickness for covering the new or old concrete.

This process allows you to have so much freedom in the choice of coloring used as aggregates. One of the ingredients, LEMIX Aggreg'Art® contains adjuvants: anti-efflorescence, plasticizer fibers.



Modeling and vertical stamping for trompe l'oeil, renovation and decoration.
The Vertic'Art process will allow you to create the illusion of bricks, dry stone or spliced, wood, fake rocks, etc ...


Concrete Furniture

When the concrete takes all forms of furniture design, worktops, sinks, bathtubs, sinks ... Ideal to carry small items or custom work plans, small furniture or interior fittings as external. For the series as for the customization.



The Metalis provides a coating with metallic finishes in the decoration.

With a easy to use, it can be implemented in multiple formats and allows multiple murals and furniture finishing solutions.


Acid Stain and Dyes

Stain existing concrete by giving it various shades.
 Acid Stain and Dyes are applied as well on new concrete as on dirty concrete.
The wide range of choice of Acid Stain and Dyes will answer all your aesthetic requirements to give life to your regular concrete.


Polyaspartic Resin

Full achievable decorative floor system with one day open to traffic the next morning. Applicable coating to -34 ° C, providing excellent mechanical & chemical resistance.
Several aspects are possible with this system: paint with glitter with quartz or dyes concrete.


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