On November 18th, 2016, the CHRYSO Group acquired MODERNE MÉTHODE and BÉTON ACADEMY, thus enhancing its offer for decorative concrete. With this double acquisition, the CHRYSO Group will intensify its technical and sales forces in France, and will implement the offer to its international subsidiaries.

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Our prize and certifications

Béton Academy


• With the view to guaranteeing the proper system process application of our products and ensuring utmost end quality results, Moderne Méthode has set up its very own professional training school
Béton Academy. Every year Béton Academy trains some 250 workers and craftsmen. Once they have attended and successfully undergone any of our specific training workshops, they are fully-enabled and duly accredited Moderne Méthode systems & products ambassadors.
Thereafter, any certified worker or craftsman is apt to use and implement Moderne Méthode systems and products either in France or in any other country across the world.

2-days Training Workshops & Fees, excluding taxes (€)

•  Micro topping
•  Stamped concrete
• Stampable overlay, Aggreg'Art / Texture Top
• Polyaspartic Floor Coating
• Colored Concrete
• Vertic’art


• Online :

Training Programmes

• See our website Béton academy Check out :

Customised Training

• At our premises or on site.
• Training & technical material (manuals).
• Possibility of Moderne Méthode free training "scholarship”

On site Assistance

• Assistance on site for 1st application of systems & products.
• Consultancy & assistance on the implementation of complex sites.


• Consultancy, propositions and problem solving to enable the selection and application of most relevant system & products.
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